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Adding Touches of Christmas With Flowers

When it comes to Christmas decorating, the tree definitely takes centerstage. But the addition of flowers can really make holiday magic come alive in your home. And we’re talking more than just a pot of beautiful poinsettias. We know most people have decorated by now, but the addition of a few fresh flowers can really make things jolly and bright.

Add to a wreath

Add some bright red flowers – roses or tulips or carnations – along with some white twigs to an otherwise plain old green wreath. The red and white really pop against the lush evergreen backdrop, and after Christmas, the whole thing can be composted.

Make a centerpiece

Yes, family dinners are going to be smaller this year. But that doesn’t mean that your Holiday feast can’t still be festive. Making a centerpiece of flowers and candles will bring the best out in your meal. You can make it full and lush with a backdrop of evergreens, berries or pinecones. But make sure you pick flowers with scents that won’t compete with the turkey!

Pair with ornaments

Those shiny, fragile balls are as appealing to the eye as they are to cats. Put a beautiful pot of orchids in the middle of a large clear bowl or vase and surround it with colourful or metallic ornaments. It’s somehow both simple and showstopping.

Add fruit

Apples, pears, or persimmons and oranges make wonderful snacks. But when arranged amounts some roses and evergreen boughs, they suddenly become a beautiful (and edible) bouquet for the mantle or dining room table. And if dinner takes too long, you have an appetizer within arms’ reach!

Beautify the baking

Sweets and baking are definitely a necessary holiday tradition. But scattering some beautiful blooms on your cake stand full of cupcakes not only makes the treats more enticing, but absolutely counts as decoration. And if you pick the right blooms, the petals can even become part of the culinary experience!

Adding flowers to your decorations is a perfect way to add some simple, beautiful cheer to any space. And if you give us a couple of days notice, we can deliver some of this festive beauty right to your door. Check out our Christmas floral arrangements here.

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