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Your Thanksgiving Floral Centerpiece

Thanksgiving weekend is coming up! And although most families tend to focus on the food, a beautiful centerpiece does a lot for making you grateful. There’s still time – why not consider a beautiful autumn bouquet to help celebrate your bounty?


Nothing says fall like a mum. In the beautiful jewel tones of the season – think orange, yellow, and magenta – a generous bouquet of these fall favourites will have you counting your blessings. Although every colour has traditionally represented something different, mums in general represent happiness, love, longevity, and joy. What could be better as you gather around a table with loved ones to celebrate the harvest?


Sure, the days are getting shorter. But one thing Alberta has an abundance of, even in the fall and winter, is sunshine. And nothing brings that sunshine into your home quite like a gorgeous bouquet of sunflowers. They are the perfect flower for a holiday that celebrates the bounty of the harvest because they themselves are so big and bountiful (and even nourishing, with those delicious seeds!). The only problem is that a burst of this happy flower at the center of the table might take focus off the turkey or the ham!

Gerbera Daisies

Speaking of little bursts of sunshine, this giant daisy variety adds so much whimsy and joy to a Thanksgiving table. You can get them in a variety of fall colours, and as they are believed to reduce everyday stress, they are a great addition if you are struggling with focusing on the good of the year (it is 2020, after all!). With a bouquet full of these cheerful blooms, it will make it easier to be thankful.

Our Fall Bouquets

Can’t decide on what flowers you want to feature at your Thanksgiving table? Why not pick one of our popular autumn bouquets? The Fall Fantasy or Autumn Illusion are both beautiful bouquets that showcase some of the best of fall’s flowers. Even the Sunflower Bridal Bouquet (shhh…we won’t tell) would look beautiful on a Thanksgiving table. Or you can really put a smile on everyone’s face by featuring the Happy for Fall bouquet!

It’s been a strange year, and no one expects the perfect Thanksgiving. But a simple bouquet of flowers can really make it seem like it’s been a year with unexpected surprises to be thankful for.

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