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Wedding Spotlight: Johnelle & Michael

In October of 2019 I had the pleasure of creating a friends wedding flowers! Before she was even engaged she showed me a photo of all pink roses and told me that was what she wanted. She even told me she wanted me to make it! Let me tell you, doing a friends wedding is waaay more stressful than a strangers.

As soon as Johnelle told me she was engaged I booked her in for a 1 on 1 consultation with me. (She was welcome to bring her fiance, bridesmaids, and/or parents too!) Her wedding was scheduled for October of 2019, and we had the consultation in early summer. Johnelle dreamed of bling in her flowers too, so I showed her faux diamond pins that would be perfect to put in the centre of each rose. To top it off, we had a sheet of faux diamond wrap to go around the stems of her bouquet! The bling was special for only her, to make Johnelle stand out on her special day

On the day of Johnelle & Michaels wedding, we had a plan for two-point delivery.

First, I went to the brides home and dropped off everytging for the wedding party - bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, and flower hoops! Johnelle and Michaels families welcomed me in, and I split the womens florals from the mens and ensured everyone had what they needed. As I was on my way to the vehicle, a groomsman came out of the house and asked if i could help with something before I left - pinning on boutonnieres! These can be tricky if you've never worn one before, and sometimes very pokey! I happily went back in and helped pin these on for everyone who asked.

Second, I drove all their centerpieces to the reception venue, where someone was there to meet me and let me know where they could be left. Usually I am the last vendor to get there (besides the cake!), so it is very easy to know where my items are to go.

Check out the photos below to see the centerpieces & bridesmaids hoops!

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