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Virtual Flower Shows

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

There is a whole long year ahead of us, and who knows what it will bring. Perhaps soon we will all be gathering together as we did in the last decade, and quarantine will be a thing of the past. But for now, for those going a bit stir crazy waiting for both warmer weather and happy outings, I wanted to share some of the best virtual tours of some amazing gardens around the world. Enjoy!

Aching to head down Hawaii way, but stuck at home instead? Take a tour of this stunning collection with more than 2000 species of plants. The virtual tour has soothing music, and you get to pause along the pathway to enjoy waterfalls, streams, and all of the gorgeous plant life. No, it’s not a day on the beach, but from the comfort of your couch, it is about as Hawaii as you are going to get.

Soon, it will be spring here. But until then, nothing brings you right into the sun quite like tulips. And if you want tulips (and 7 million spring bulbs a’blooming), there is no place quite like Holland. Nicknamed “The Garden of Europe,” Keukenhof is welcoming visitors with a beautiful virtual tour. Sure, I’d love less talking and more flowers, but if a hit of colour is what you are needing as we soldier on through this long Edmonton winter, these virtual blooms will do the trick.

Speaking of spring – it has to be nearly cherry blossom season, doesn’t it? Luckily, you can take a little tour, via Google Earth, and explore sites around the world where these delicate pink flowers are blooming. The one in Sweden is especially beautiful, amidst a blue sky backdrop (though that tree in Japan is pretty extraordinary too!)

These extraordinary gardens are a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason. With thirty-seven acres of woodland, 14,000 trees and 50,000 plant species, a virtual tour is a nice way to spend some time outdoor, indoors. Make sure to keep your eye out for the popular Alpine rock garden.

If you’ve ever loved Monet’s dreamy paintings, a tour of the garden that inspired him might just inspire you to create some beauty too. Monet was actually a gardener, as well as a painter, and his obsession with beauty is plain as you tour these gardens. Watch for the water lilies that featured so prominently in his work.

Looking for something with a little more drama? These gardens, established in 2013, are opulent, fun and enormous. Featuring 50 million flowers and 250 million plants, this is the world’s largest natural flower garden – though there isn’t much “natural” about it. But it sure is fun!

Nothing replaces the joy of walking in nature and seeing its bounty in real life. But if you are stuck inside in the dead of winter, a virtual tour to one of these beautiful gardens will help to add some spring into your step, if not to these frigid winter temperatures.

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