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Types of Eucalyptus

Are you aware there are over 700 species of Eucalyptus? Most of them are native to Australia - the koalas love it! Out of all of those varieties available - about less than 10 and used by florists for arrangements and bridal flowers. So - what kinds are common with florists? Keep reading and find out what we might have in store.

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

This photo is just the leaves of silver dollar eucalyptus, not the whole stems! These stems are known for having many "breaks" in them. Breaks are when there is a main stem, with many small stems coming off of the larger, main stem of eucalyptus. This type of eucalyptus is most commonly used for the look, as the smell is not as strong as some other types of eucalyptus.

Gunni Eucalyptus

This photo to the right is gunni eucalyptus, which is very common for weddings, as it has a light and airy look. It also has many breaks, as well as small pieces of eucalyptus coming off of the main branch, that would not be considered breaks.

Willow Eucalyptus

This type of eucalyptus is also very common for weddings - it has a heavier look than the previous type, the gunni eucalyptus. It tends to hang more than it would stand straight up. Willow eucalyptus has very long and thin leaves. It is great to add some interest to an arrangement by hanging down around the edges of the vase.

Baby (Blue) Eucalyptus

This is by far, (with my customers) the most commonly requested variety of eucalyptus. In my opinion, it has the strongest smell. It tends to stand straight up, and the leaves on it grow around the main stem - kind of like a hug! Have you heard of eucalyptus shower bundles? This is the type you are looking for! Many people hang this from their shower heads with a piece of string or wire, and when they have a hot shower, it is filled with the smell of fresh eucalyptus from the humidity in the shower. Try it for yourself - you might like it!

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