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My Favourite Flower: Stock

I have decided to write about the stock flower this week. Stock is the common name known to most people, the botanical name is matthiola incana. I have chosen this flower as they are my favourite!

Upon a little bit of research, I have discovered that these fragrant stems are part of the cabbage family. In the photo on below, the stock are the tall purple flowers in the back. They have multiple blooms on one stem, they cover about 2-3 inches near the top in delicate blooms.

The best part about this flower is that it is available year-round! Being in Canada, there are definitely some flowers we get that are only available during certain seasons - peony, tulip, hyacinth, and more!

Stock flowers, orchid, spray roses, and carnations in a 4" cube arrangement
Petite Pinks and Purples

They come in many colors!

  • Light Purple

  • Dark Purple

  • Hot Pink

  • Pale Pink

  • White

  • Peach

  • Baby Yellow

  • Burgundy

The arrangement they are shown in above is one of my personal creations, and one of our best-selling arrangements! It first became a best-seller on Mother's Day of 2020. This was the first year we had ever sold out of all our flowers. It was the first time that I had customers call and I had to tell them, "Sorry, we are sold out. We have a few stems of daisies, but no greenery or babies breath left." This unique arrangement was created out of flowers we had ordered that needed an artful way to be displayed, and so this arrangement was born!

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