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How Many Centerpieces Did We Fit in This Van?

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Yellow and red centerpieces

Above is a photograph of 59 identical centerpieces we did for a grad this summer!

We did 10 identical centerpieces for an event a few weeks ago. Keep reading to find out how you can order 10 identical (or different!) centerpieces.

It all starts with the customer choosing to contact us, then we can talk about all their options:

budget, flower type, flower color, whether we are providing the vase or they bring their own.

It is fully customized.

The client had e-mailed me, starting with her budget - this is very important to know up front! This can change many things, such as the types of flowers that we can include in the arrangements and the size of the arrangements. Once we had the budget and delivery fees figured out, I sent her pictures of what we could do in her budget. From here, she sent pictures back of centerpieces that had been made for this event before, and pictures of what she would like for this year. After looking at the pictures she sent, I replied with what I thought would work for the event.

Once she agreed, we talked about a deposit, and final payments. She requested that we send her a photo as soon as they are done, which of course we did! We had them delivered later that afternoon to the venue.

Hydrangea rose centerpiece

On the left is a photo of one of the ten centerpieces that was dropped off at the venue. This idea came from her sending a picture of a hydrangea/rose/dahlia centerpiece, but wanting specific flowers from another photograph she sent me. By combining the two, we made her vision come to life!


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